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Atasbid Rewards Point System

Atasbid account in good standing, as determined by Atasbid in its sole discretion, will be entitled to participate in the Atasbid Rewards. Atas Points shall be awarded to Atasbid account based on the auction amount of fully paid invoices, excluding sales made after auction. For every S$1 spent including commission by each account shall be awarded 1 point. Atas Points shall be awarded one week upon full payment received. Atasbid shall have the absolute discretion to postpone the awarding of Atas Points for a reasonable period in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Atas Points may be used, only by the account to whom the Atas Points were awarded, and redeemed for corresponding Atasbid goods and services.

Conditions of Redemption

1. Atas Points earned may not be transferred to any other account or to any third party, and are not exchangeable for cash or credit. 

2. Redemption allowed to offset only for invoices of the registered account where the Atas Points were awarded. 

3. Redemption can be used for individual invoice only, combination of invoices for redemption will not be allowed.


The award, conversion and redemption of Atas Points may be subject to further terms and conditions or restrictions and Atasbid may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, modify, suspend or terminate the programme, and/or modify these terms and conditions in such manner as Atasbid considers fit..

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